1 What is DWEM Hospitality?

A unique, integrated, cloud-based Big Data software solution, intended for the data processing, integration, treatment and analytics needed by the hotel business for everyday operations, which brings together the following modules in the same user interface:

- DWEM Price Comparison – (a module) (intended) for advanced comparison of the accommodation prices in your hotels with those of your direct competitors, on all OTA (online travel agencies) and individual hotel web pages.
- DWEM On-line Reputation Management – (a module) (intended) for detailed tracking of hotel reputation online, on OTA pages, social media, review sites and individual hotel pages.
- DWEM Opinion – (a module) (intended) for the creation, management and detailed analysis of digital in-stay and post-stay questionnaires.

2 For whom is DWEM Hospitality intended?

Users in the hospitality industry (hotel chains, individual hotels, campsites, hostels and similar), whose business operations entail:

- revenue analysis and management
- sales analysis and management
- planning and management of marketing activities
- data and report analysis
- customer care
- hotel group or individual accommodation facility management

3 What sets DWEM Hospitality apart from rival solutions?

DWEM Hospitality represents a unique, integrated software solution unlike those of our competitors, which typically comprise separate and unrelated products. DWEM Hospitality users are consequently able to reduce significantly both operating costs and the expense of using multiple solutions.

In contrast to our competitors' products, it is possible to pause the DWEM Hospitality solution for a specific period during which its use is unnecessary.

In addition, DWEM Hospitality is oriented towards boosting your competitiveness as its whole concept is aimed at advanced comparison with rival hotels in the key segments of price and reputation. In this way, hotels can clearly visualise their strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors, and thereby correctly position prices and arrangements, including sales-marketing campaigns.

4 Can individual modules of the DWEM Hospitality solution be contracted?

Yes, it is possible to contract each individual module separately. However, by contracting all the modules you will achieve the greatest financial savings and benefit from all the business advantages of using the service in its entirety.

5 Is it possible to later contract additional modules of the DWEM Hospitality solution?

Yes. At any time you may additionally contract an individual module of the DWEM Hospitality solution.

6 Can use of the DWEM Hospitality solution be paused?

Yes. Over the course of the contract period - which commits the user to use the DWEM Hospitality service for 12 active months - it is possible to pause (put into a passive state) the use of the service for a period of up to a maximum of three months. The user shall not pay for use of the service during the period in which the solution is not used; however, payments will continue to be made after the expiry of the pause period up to the expiry of the active 12-month contracted period.

7 Is DWEM Hospitality adapted for use on mobile devices?

Yes. The DWEM Hospitality solution is adapted for use on all types of mobile devices as well as desktop computers and all laptop screen formats.

8Can DWEM Hospitality be integrated with PMS and other systems?

Yes. DWEM Hospitality and all its modules may be integrated with PMS, CRM, RM, ERP and similar systems for assistance with already completed or specifically developed APIs.

9 Is it possible to report data from DWEM Hospitality software by e-mail or in the form of reports?

Yes. Using schedule functions, users are able to send predefined reports directly from all application modules to their e-mail contacts. Users are able, additionally, to arrange the production of tailored reports to their own specifications.

10 Is data export from the DWEM Hospitality solution enabled, and in which formats?

Yes, the user may export raw data from all application modules in .xsl or .csv formats, at any time. Data may also be exported in the form of reports in Excel or JPEG formats.

11 What is the deadline for the activation of the DWEM Hospitality software service once the contract has been signed?

Three working days after the signing of the contract, the DWEM Hospitality software service will be in operation.